July 17, 2019

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In New Jersey It’s the Law: Removing Snow and Ice From Your Vehicle

Spring may be here but that doesn’t always mean the snow is gone. Sometimes late winter and early spring snows can wreck havoc on a community and it’s transportation systems. Driving in the snow is dangerous enough with the risk of sliding cars but did you know that in States, removing the snow and ice […]

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

We often hear about frivolous lawsuits where someone is trying to get money for some injury or other harm suffered, and while there are some crazy claims in this country, one type of claim is no joke: slip and fall injury cases. If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property and suffered an injury […]

Is Whiplash a Legitimate Injury?

Not only is whiplash a legitimate injury, it can cause long-lasting pain and disability and people who experience whiplash often suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well. Whiplash is generally thought of as injury to the soft tissues in the neck, caused by the head and neck being suddenly forced to jerk backward and […]

Tips for Selecting the Best Personal Injury Attorney

No one ever expects to get hurt, but in the event that you do suffer a serious injury that is caused by another person’s negligence, you may find yourself searching high and low for an experienced personal injury attorney to help you get justice. Most people looking for an attorney have never dealt with a […]

Defining Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Do you want to pursue compensation for your injuries? It’s important to ensure that your accident qualifies as a slip and fall accident and that you can file a claim. What is a slip and fall accident? Slip and fall accidents occur when someone falls […]

Burn Complications

Severe burn injuries often cause significant burn complications. Complications may be both physical and psychological. This article focuses on the physical complications. However, the psychosocial must be treated as well. Complications Arising from Burn Injuries Infection. The risk of infection is always present once the skin has been broken and in severe burns, the infection […]

Understanding Damages in a Medical Malpractice Case

When you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, you and your family will be faced with a variety of unexpected expenses. A medical malpractice lawsuit can help you recover the compensation you need to move forward. There are three categories of damages that may be available in your medical malpractice case: special […]

Driving While Sitting Too Close to the Steering Wheel

Do you adjust the position of the car seat when you hop into the car before driving away? Not many people do and chances are that you’re one of them. Many people assume that the seat is in the same position as they left it when they last took their car for a spin. Many […]

Injury Claims Involving Hotel Swimming Pools

Vacations should be lots of fun. Basking in the sun by the pool is one of the best parts of being on vacation. However, it can all turn to disaster when you, your child or any other member of your family is injured in a swimming pool accident. In some cases, accidents are simply accidents. […]

How Much Is A Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit after being in an accident, you must be wondering how much your case is really worth. The answer to this question is that it all depends on the “damages” sustained in the accident, the extent of your injuries, as well as any property damage such as […]