July 17, 2019

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Injury Claims Involving Hotel Swimming Pools

Vacations should be lots of fun. Basking in the sun by the pool is one of the best parts of being on vacation. However, it can all turn to disaster when you, your child or any other member of your family is injured in a swimming pool accident.

In some cases, accidents are simply accidents. These are often incidents that no one could have prevented from occurring. These accidents are unfortunate events for which no one can be held liable. However, in many cases swimming pool injuries are the result of negligence by the pool owner or people responsible for pool safety.

When Hotels are Negligent

If you or someone you know is injured in a swimming pool accident in a hotel, it is possible to hold the hotel liable for the accident. There are many situations in which hotels can be held liable as a result of negligence including:

  • Inadequate warning

Many hotels do not hire lifeguards to keep watch at the pool. It is therefore necessary for these establishments to post warnings or rules in the pool area e.g. pool depth indicators to ensure children are kept away from deep water where they can drown.

  • Defective latch or gate

Fences and other swimming pool enclosures should have gates or doors with a latch or lock. This helps prevent small children or other vulnerable individuals from wandering into the pool area. By keeping vulnerable people out of the pool area – especially when there is no lifeguard on duty, the hotel reduces the chances of that person slipping and falling into the pool. If the hotel pool has a broken or defective latch or gate, the hotel can be found negligent and responsible for the resulting injury.

  • Poor maintenance of diving boards

Diving boards are placed under a lot of stress and strain when in use. It is therefore important to have them inspected and maintained regularly. If diving boards become weak, crack or are broken, people using the boards are likely to fall off or be hit and get hurt.

  • Poor maintenance of electrical components

There are various electrical components in pools. These include lights. Maintenance is important to ensure that these components are safe. Incorrect wiring or poor maintenance can result in electrocution and injuries to those using the pool.

  • Poor maintenance of the area around the pool

If the area around the pool has debris or is slippery, the chances of slip and fall accidents occurring are much higher. Accidents resulting from slipping, tripping or falling by the swimming pool can result in traumatic injuries, drowning or near drowning.

If one of your loved ones was injured in a hotel swimming pool, it is a good idea to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in the area to evaluate your claim.